MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc.

Senior Guardianship Services, LLC, 1800 Cooper Point Road SW, Bldg. 22, Olympia WA 98502


"Senior Guardianship Services, LLC
and ​MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc.
meld together with a single purpose, to enrich the lives of our senior citizens and those who are unable to care for themselves."

Michele Penberthy, CEO/Owner


Feeling overwhelmed with paperwork, accounting and legal documents? Whether your needs are large or small, MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc.  has a professional staff that can help make your life easier.  

Motivated by a deep concern for the welfare of senior citizens, Michele Penberthy, President, founded MCP & Bookkeeping Services, Inc.  in 1982. The company offers a full range of convenient services:

Audit medical bills 

• Balance checkbooks and update ledgers 

• Make deposits 

• Notarize documents

• Pay bills

• Write checks 

• Power of attorney 

• Personal representative services 

• Assist in compiling tax documents for preparation by a CPA or accountant

• Oversee payment of taxes and insurances 

• Read and sort mail

• Provide case management services 

Our professionals offer assistance in either your home or our office. We work in cooperation with attorneys, doctors, CPAs, hospitals, VA, banks, and states agencies to provide the very best in services.  All of MCP's services are performed with the utmost confidentiality and we are well known for the compassion we show our clients.

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